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Welcome to ILC Communications Ltd

ILC Communications Ltd is a Communications Training Organisation, catering to both UK and International professionals, and aimed at driving people forward to achieving their optimum.

Whether it be International Professionals looking to enhance their specialised language skills in Legal English and drive their careers forward in a more selected commercial environment or UK managers and business leaders looking to gain competitive edge to increase productivity and profitability.

ILCC works with International Lawyers

The world is changing and competition for jobs is increasing rapidly, many lawyers look to changing jobs at some point in their career, added to this is the rapid pace of globalisation placing demands on law firms and other legal employers to seek and engage lawyers with a solid command of English.

Legal English Training and the ILEC examination provides newly-qualified and practicing lawyers with a competitive edge when they are ready to change jobs or wish to seek promotion within their existing organisations. Our Legal English courses and programmes are personalised in approach and closely tailored to both International practicioner Lawyers as well as Law Students.

ILCC works with UK Managers and Business Leaders - Leadership & Management Programmes

ILCC strives with passion to bring effective leadership and management skills to managers and business leaders, driving their people and organisations to their optimum and their performance to a peak. We aim to see people and organisaions excel, regardless of economical constraints and adversity in the marketplace.

We offer a wide range of training courses, including:

Recent Testimonial

I recently attended a workshop for managing poor performance & avoiding employment tribunals. This was arranged by ILC Communications who provide people management training and development courses. The course has helped me improve the way I deal with employees and the proper manner in which to deal with difficult situations. It also outlined employee’s rights and the difference between behaviour and performance. It has given me many tools to use in different situations and I feel from the advice given I have grown as a manager. I would recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their people management skills.

Name: Chris Crutcher

Profession: Operations Manager, Premier Sky Repairs Ltd