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Client Testimonials

The course is dedicated to professionals, practising lawyers or students in the last years of their studies, enhancing their legal vocabulary and knowledge of Common Law. Syntax plays only a marginal role in the lessons, focussing the participants specifically on legal questions, legal vocabulary and nuances between different expressions and their particular use. Students are encouraged to solve legal problems in Common Law, understand the system of available remedies and apply them accordingly under supervision of the teacher. The rhythm and the exigencies of the course are very high, participants complete additional homework in the evenings, producing various presentations, projects, client care letters and file notes.

I really enjoyed the time spend in Bournemouth. The content and intensity of the course and the location of the town by the seaside makes me feel that I have spent my time very well and the course is, without doubt, a perfect investment in my future.

Name: Martin

Profession: Lawyer-Linguist, European Court of Justice

I recently attended a workshop for managing poor performance & avoiding employment tribunals. This was arranged by ILC Communications who provide people management training and development courses. The course has helped me improve the way I deal with employees and the proper manner in which to deal with difficult situations. It also outlined employee’s rights and the difference between behaviour and performance. It has given me many tools to use in different situations and I feel from the advice given I have grown as a manager. I would recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their people management skills.

Name: Chris Crutcher

Profession: Operations Manager, Premier Sky Repairs Ltd

I attended 'The Cost of Performance Issues and Tackling Under Achievers' workshop provided by ILC Communications on 21st September 2010 and found it to be thoroughly enjoyable, stimulating and educational. The structure of the workshop lead by Anthony Dance was relaxed, interactive and very informative, including the latest changes to relevant legislation. I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to fellow professionals and business owners as a useful one day course to update their knowledge and improve their company's staff performance.

Name: Brian P Ward

Profession: Director - Greenward Associates

“It is not difficult to enhance your life if you have courage and enthusiasm” one of the cornerstones I became aware of and put into practice at ILC Communications.

During my 8 months in England, I passed ILEC with the highest score possible (as did all the other law students), I handled many presentations successfully including research on Law firms in England, knocking on the doors of Law firms persuading them to have legal meetings with me. I observed many court cases. When I came back to my country, not only did my English level rise to new levels but also my personality had been strengthened. I have started to work in an International environment with confidence and astuteness.

Now, I handle meetings with foreign clients and lawyers, many teleconferences or face to face meetings, I have also since become a sworn-English translator with the confidence I have gained.

In summary, my professional career dreams have come true and with ILCC’s guidance I have been able to bring about invaluable changes to my career and future as an International Lawyer . Which words would I use to express my appreciation for their hard work?

Again, thank you so much.

Name: Dilek Koc

Profession: Avukat/Attorney At Law

The courses were, in a word, great. There was a constant stream of intelligent and effective guidance and this made the difference! It's really unbelievable how much I was able to improve in that short period. As a translator I wanted to gain more background knowledge of my fields of expertise. Well, my expectations were high, but well met. That was a great investment!

ILC Communications, thank you very much! And please do continue to share your knowledge with others.

Name: Ziga Kovac

Profession: Legal Translator

I wish to express my deepest thanks to ILC Communications for their outstanding endeavours and encouragement in respect of improving my Legal English and passing the ILEC Examination.

It was not only one of the most rewarding experiences meeting with other foreign lawyers from other countries , but it is also a great pleasure to study with a lawyer tutorial who provided a very high level of education with an intelligent approach . Besides boosting my legal English knowledge, this course provided me with the opportunity to compare aspects of law from an International perspective.

In my experience, there can not be a more committed institution, it is both exceptionally friendly, personalized in approach and highly professional.

Name: Begum Berberoglu

Profession: Avukat/Attorney At Law

It has been one of the greatest experiences I have had, the teaching standards are the highest I have ever experienced, even as a student Lawyer at one of the leading law faculties in Italy. The teaching is based around discussion, research as well as a formal style and I was astonished at how much progress I had made in three weeks. I would go back for more at the first opportunity.

Name: Davide Graziano

Profession: Student Lawyer

It was such a great experience and pleasure to be in a class with Mary at ILC Communications, a professional teacher in a professional environment. The course environment overflows with support, professional background expertise and superior teaching methods. Before too long, I could feel the progress I had achieved in respect of legal English.

Name: Cihan Dogan

Profession: Law Student

I attended a Legal English course in August 2009. It was a great professional and personal experience. I acquired not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills necessary to succeed. The teaching method is innovative and powerful. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. Day by day I improved my English, I met brilliant people, I discovered a new world around me, and I became stronger.

My life has changed in only four weeks. A special thanks to Mary at ILC Communications

Name: Agnese Villa Bocalari

Profession: Lawyer

After having passed my french exams in order to become a notary in my country -FRANCE- ( which corresponds to a solicitor in the american and english system) I felt something was lacking in my law education. In deed, despite being passionate by my job, I could not be unaware of the fact that the French law stops at its geographic boarders. I mean that in France, only the French law is learnt and the European one is superficially approached, but lawyers are deprived of tools when they have to deal with foreign buyers or sellers. This kind of situation is not rare; I have frequently been confronted with this issue while I was a trainee.

Name: Alexia Germain

Profession: Solicitor

I attended an English Business Course at ILC Communications last year. I was really impressed by the level of Business English and content, it has helped me tremendously in my current job. I became more confident when speaking in English and this has had a great impact on my job. My general English has also improved . Last but not least I had a great time and I can really recommend Mary's teaching skills. She made learning a lot of fun.

Name: Marit Loijenga

Profession: Operations Manager

The methodology used by ILC Communications is synonymous with success. My personal experience couldn’t be more positive, I spent three months preparing the ILEC in Bournemouth and apart from the knowledge I acquired, I met several other lawyers; an essential part of exchanging ideas and increasing your knowledge of International legal concepts and commercial situations.

Bournemouth, in my point of view, is a perfect atmosphere for studying English and enjoying the British way of life. The inhabitants of this town are so kind, they will always try to make you comfortable and help you in every way they can.

I strongly recommend the course to those who are looking for professional English addressing both the world of law and business.

Name: Eva Marin Garcia

Profession: Lawyer